Below is a list of different spas Holland Pools and Fence Co. has available.

Width: 57in.
Length: 80in.
Height: 29in.
Average Fill: 150gal.
Dry Weight: 385lbs.
Full Weight: 1638lbs.
Power Pack: 110V/20A 220V/50A
GPM Flow: 140GPM
Width: 80in.
Length: 84in.
Height: 36in.
Average Fill: 350gal.
Dry Weight: 700lbs.
Full Weight: 3662lbs.
Power Pack: 220V/50A
GPM Flow: 240GPM
Width: 67in.
Length: 80in.
Height: 34in.
Average Fill: 240gal.
Dry Weight: 500lbs.
Full Weight: 2504lbs.
Power Pack: 220V/50A
GPM Flow: 195GPM
Width: 84in.
Length: 84in.
Height: 38in.
Average Fill: 375gal.
Dry Weight: 750lbs.
Full Weight: 3880lbs.
Power Pack: 220V/50A
GPM Flow: 315GPM
Width: 89in.
Length: 93in.
Height: 40in.
Average Fill: 525gal.
Dry Weight: 920lbs.
Full Weight: 5302lbs.
Power Pack: 220V/50A
GPM Flow: 370GPM